Taylor Swift Verified Fan Pre-Sale Day

Todays the day that Taylor Swift’s Eras tour tickets go on sale for verified fans. My daughter, husband and myself all became “verified fans” in hopes of getting a chance to purchase tickets to her concert early.  It was kinda ironic that only the true Swiftie of the family got a presale code.  I was[…]

Wedding Dress Grow Up…an Anniversary Tradition

There are so many fun ways to document your children growing up. One of my absolute favorites that I’ve done is the wedding dress grow up. All you do is each year on your anniversary, take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress. If you’re planning to preserve your dress, this might not[…]

Blast from the Past. A Budding Entrepreneur

Its Saturday and time of another Blast from the past series! This is a series of blog posts that I’m moving over from a small family blog I had when I girls were younger. Today is called a budding entrepreneur. Its seemed fitting since Saturdays are our market day for The Scrunchie Sisters. The following[…]

Sewing Dog Bandanas Curbs My Itch to Stictch

Growing up in a family of 8, there was a time during my childhood where my mom made our clothes. If my memory serves me right, it was from 1st grade until 5th grade. Our house burned down when I was in 6th grade so it wasn’t until 8th and 9th grade that homemade clothes[…]

Our Best Family Halloween Costumes

I can’t believe it…my family agreed to do a group costume this year for Halloween!  Its been hit or miss the last couple years because of COVID and my girls not really wanting to dress up together!  But with it being my oldest daughters last Halloween at home, they’ve agreed to dress up together!! I[…]

Story of the Scrunchie Sisters

Yesterday was our first day back to our outdoor events for The Scrunchie Sisters.  Who are the Scrunchie Sisters you ask? I thought I’d go ahead and share the story of who they are and how this who scrunchie biz came about! The Scrunchie Sisters are my two teenage daughters! In April of 2019, I[…]

Senior Treasure Box: Celebrate all year

What is it about having a senior in high school that has me feeling all the emotional feels.  I think this may have me more worked up and emotional than when she started kindergarten.  Perhaps because its the end of a season of parenting where when they start school you still have them at home.[…]