Focusing on whats most important

As I mentioned in a  post last week, our girls came down with a cold/flu bug and were home from school for several days. On Friday both my hubby and I started feeling icky. Knowing we had 2 market events that weekend, I decided to rest and give myself time to feel good enough to do the events.  Which I was able to do both events with my youngest daughter who only had to miss 2 days of school and is feeling way better.

My oldest on the other hand starting complaining of ear pain on Saturday. So around 8PM, I found an Urgent Care that we could take her to get diagnosed.  The result…a double ear infection.  While both girls did go to school today, my hubby still isn’t feeling good. I feel fine but have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for Thanksgiving which includes a deep cleaning/disinfecting of the house, grocery shopping and more preparations for our weekly markets for The Scrunchie Sisters.

I’ve decided to switch up my 100 days of blogging challenge. My original goal was a daily post. But with all that I have going on and it being the holiday season, daily posts aren’t a priority.  I have, and always will prioritize my family before any business type of obligations. I don’t want to put up a blog post just to put up a post.  I’d rather be able to provide some value.

My new commitment will be at least 2 blog posts per week until I reach 100 posts, and then I’ll re-evaluate and see if I want to switch to just one a week or keep doing 2.

So thats the update. Hope everyone is staying healthy out there!  Until next time!

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