Wedding Dress Grow Up…an Anniversary Tradition

There are so many fun ways to document your children growing up. One of my absolute favorites that I’ve done is the wedding dress grow up. All you do is each year on your anniversary, take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress. If you’re planning to preserve your dress, this might not be the tradition for you. I figured since we have two daughters I would rather do this tradition than save the dress in hopes that one of them would wear it for their wedding.

Social media saves the day

I remember starting this tradition when my girls were toddlers. Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures from 2008-2011.  I’m sure they’re safely on a zip drive or other storage device that may not even be readable anymore.  Thank goodness for social media though because I started posting these yearly pics  on Facebook back in 2012 so thats the earliest year I have of my girls in my wedding dress.

Wedding dress grow up on Instagram

I made a video compilation of the pictures that you can find on Instagram HERE but I’ll also drop the pics below!  Its a bummer I don’t have one for every year. While the goal was to take them every year, life sometimes got in the way. It didn’t happen in 2018, 2020 and 2021.

This will be the last year that my oldest picture will be taken on our actual anniversary. I might just have her take one when she’s home from college for Thanksgiving next year!  My idea is to have them take the wedding dress grow up picture until they get married but we’ll see how that goes!

What fun traditions do you have to document your children growing up? Drop them in the comments!

See you tomorrow.

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