30 day Miracle Morning Challenge

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I’ve been tracking some of my 2022 goals using these coloring pages.  This morning I finished book number 21 The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs by Hal Elrod. There are a number of books in this series and I’ve read a few of them[…]

Know Yourself – The first Step to being Authentic

It’s impossible to live an authentic life without first discovering who you are. Self-awareness is important and is the first step to being authentic. What is self-awareness? The dictionary defines self-awareness as “knowledge and awareness of your own personality or character.” When you’re self-aware, you have an accurate and clear understanding of your personality, strengths,[…]

Instagram Disabled My Account, Now what?

Happy Halloween!  Your Instagram account is gone! It’s something you don’t think would ever happen to you. I never post anything that goes “against community guidelines”. But this morning, Instagram deleted or disabled my account for no apparent reason. I opened my account like I normally do to do a little scrolling and check to[…]

Blast from the Past. A Budding Entrepreneur

Its Saturday and time of another Blast from the past series! This is a series of blog posts that I’m moving over from a small family blog I had when I girls were younger. Today is called a budding entrepreneur. Its seemed fitting since Saturdays are our market day for The Scrunchie Sisters. The following[…]

Never Compare Your Journey to Anyone Else’s

Sometimes when we are on a journey (a weight loss, starting a new business or climbing the corporate ladder), we compare ourselves to others. We live in a microwave society and want to see results faster than what we’re currently experiencing. We see other people experiencing crazy amounts of success and we want what they[…]

9 Tips to Clear your Mind

Our bodies get rest every night, but our brains rarely do. We have thoughts bouncing around in our heads all day. At night we dream. Giving your brain a rest can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Its super important to take time to clear your mind each day. Unfortunately, the natural state[…]