Habit Tracking Coloring Pages

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. They meaning all the gurus and authors of books on productivity. So while I do agree that creating healthy habits is important, for some it may take longer than 21 days others maybe even less.  What I feel is the more important thing though is to find a system of tracking your habits that works for you.  For someone like me, maybe its through habit tracking coloring pages!

At the end of last year I came up with an idea.  It was the season of setting goals for the new year and I was challenged to become a 365’er and not miss a day my nutrition shake. You can learn more about my favorite HERE. Thats not the topic of this post.

Habit tracking is Important

I got to thinking about how I could track this and make it something that would push me to not want to miss a day.  Thats when I came up with Habit Tracking Coloring pages.

The idea is each day that you drink your daily shake/smoothie/nutrition drink (it doesn’t matter what it is), you color in the associated number on the sheet.  So say on January 1, you’d color in the #1, January 2nd the number 2 and so on.  Me being the kind of person who doesn’t want to have an empty space on  my coloring page, has made sure that I haven’t missed a single day so far this year having my daily superfoods!

Making it work because it was important to me

Granted, there were a couple times where it was past 9PM and I realized the day got away from me and I simply mixed my shake with some water and drank it pretty fast. But for the most part, my shake has become my late afternoon snack or late lunch.   I even found a way to work it into my Colonoscopy prep day (where I wasn’t supposed to eat anything) and had it at 8AM on my fasting day.  It definitely didn’t affect my results because I was complimented on how well I did with my colonoscopy prep! Yay me!

Opening a Shop

The idea of making these habit tracking coloring page seemed to be gaining interest when I had people asking me for different types. I wasn’t really planning to create another income stream but went ahead and decided to open a separate Etsy shop for these and Crafty Happy Healthy, Creating Healthy Habits One Page at a Time was born.  I haven’t been sharing much about this shop because I wanted to test them and see if they really would help people create healthy habits. After using them for about 10 months now, I can say they most definitely have.

Habits I’ve been Tracking

At the beginning of 2022, I set a few goals using these coloring pages.  The first I already talked about. Not missing a day of my nutrition shake.  The second goal I had was to complete 100 cycle rides before my 50th birthday.  Here’s my page for that.

I also set out to try 52 new recipes in 2022.  I only need a few more to reach that goal. Reading personal growth books has been something I’ve done for years, but reading 2 books of month is not something I’ve ever done before.  So I set that as a goal.  As long as I read two books this month and two in December, I’ll have that goal accomplished.


When Tracking Didn’t Help

But its not all a success over here.  Earlier this year I decided to take on the 75 Hard challenge and created a tracking page for it.  But I didn’t complete it.

In this instance, my coloring page was fun, but wasn’t enough to keep me on track for the full 75 days. If you haven’t ever tried 75Hard…you can learn about it HERE.  Its a beast!

The Moral of the Story

When you have goals that you want to accomplish, you need to track your habits. I feel like these coloring pages are a fun way to do that.  I’ll be adding more to my shop over the next couple months but in the meantime, you can find them HERE.  And for the next week, they’re all on sale.  For making it to the end of this post, I wanted to offer you a free download of a cover page for your own Healthy Habits coloring book.  Click HERE for the free PDF!

Here’s to creating healthy habits!!

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