Taylor Swift Verified Fan Pre-Sale Day

Todays the day that Taylor Swift’s Eras tour tickets go on sale for verified fans. My daughter, husband and myself all became “verified fans” in hopes of getting a chance to purchase tickets to her concert early.  It was kinda ironic that only the true Swiftie of the family got a presale code.  I was just grateful one of us got a code in hopes of scoring a few tickets to see Taylor Swift.

The LONG wait

Tickets went on sale for Verified fans today at 10AM AZ time.  I was ready and “in line” right before 10.  Thats where I stayed for over 3 hours. I never once refreshed, reloaded or opened another browser.  About 3 1/2 hours in, the screen suddenly changed and prompted us to enter the code! We were golden….or so I thought.

Stuck at Checkout

I first noticed that we were directed to the second Taylor Swift show for our area, which tI thought was odd but later found out that the code we got said it was for 3/18/22. But I went ahead and picked some seats and hit CHECKOUT.  Right away we got a red spinning wheel and were officially stuck at checkout.  And that my friends is where our first attempt to get tickets ended.  I waited on this screen for about a half an hour before I decided to reach out to Seat Geek support to see if there was anything they could do.  What a cluster that was.  First off, there was like 225 people in the cue to chat with support.  But I thought, what do I have to lose at this point.

Seat Geek Support Chat

So I waited.  Not even sure how long I waited. Probably like an hour total. When I finally got someone on the chat, it was apparent he wasn’t going to be able to do anything. He saw our account but didn’t see any pending transactions or final transactions.  I had a bazillion questions for him about being in line, if the seats we selected were still available and poor guy didn’t know any of the answers. He kept having to go “ask his team”. I’m sure they have been inundated today but I didn’t get anywhere contacting support.

Back in line

With Seat Geek support not able to help, I decided to go ahead and hit RELOAD.  Just like that, I was back in line to wait for our opportunity to pick seats again.  Who even knows what will be left if we ever get the option to buy.  I’ll finish this blog post once the end of the day comes.

No Tickets today

Around 6:15PM (after being in line for another 3+ hours), I saw this message. “There is no presale inventory remaining from TaylorSwiftTix Presale. Check back at on Wednesday, November 16th 2:00pm local time for Capital One Exclusive Cardholder Presale or Friday, November 18th 10:00am local time for Public Onsale”.

While I’m bummed we didn’t get tickets today, I’m thankful we are Capital One cardholders so we can try again tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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