100 days of Blogging – Week 1 is done!

It’s Day 8 of my 100 days of blogging.

I’ve successfully completed one full week of posting a blog post day! In all the years I’ve had this blog, I’ve never done a blog post for 7 days straight!  I’d say 100 days of blogging is going good!! Yay me! But there is still so many more days and blog posts to go.  Today I thought I’d give you recap of how the last week has gone. Its been a crazy, busy week! Thought I’d share them here since I’m not posting daily on social media anymore!

Lunch and Sewing

On Friday I got to have lunch with two of my local besties and we had fun catching up.  Time always goes by so quickly!  It was the 23rd of the month so we did this and later that night was Friday Night Lights where my girls wanted to dress up in purple for the student section at the football game. Ironically, neither of them had anything purple to wear for over 100 degree temps so I picked up a purple tee at Ross. I ended up making Kendall a tank top out of one of my old t-shirts. I used one of her tanks as a pattern.  Despite me not having an actual pattern and not being a professional seamstress, it turned out pretty cute!

Dogs and repairs don’t mix.

We were also watching my inlaws 3 pups this week so it made things around our house a little more chaotic.  Thankfully they all get along well but that little black poodle is kinda needy!  Their little tiny chihuahua is just so cute and small. She was carried around a lot this week but especially by me while the myx bike repair guy was here for about 2 hours. I had the other dogs in my room since I didn’t know how they all would do.  Thankfully my mother in law picked up her 3 while the repair guy was here so for the second hour I let my 3 out of my room and Holly kept him company while he finished up! My bike is all up and running again.  Just glad it was still under warranty so it didn’t cost me anything to get fixed.

More sewing, market prep and Senior Night

I’m not sure what came over me but when I saw a post from a Facebook friend needing someone to hem some choir dresses.  Mind you, neither of my girls are in choir but I do have friends that are but I raised my hand and volunteered to help out. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but I felt called to help.

After taking a look at the dresses, my estimation of how long it would take to do each one wasn’t too far off 20 min per dress. It was a bit of a process and took between 20-30 per dress. I might document what I did to fix these in another post.  We had to rip out seams (from when they had someone else do it see pic below), remeasure, cut and then hem.  I worked on them a little on Tuesday night and then throughout the day on Wednesday but I got all 13 dresses done in time for their first choir concert last night. In amongst all that I had going on, I still made it a point to get my 100 days of blogging, workouts, reading and cleaning done!

What we had to rip out.


How it looks fixed

We also have a market season starting back up again for The Scrunchie Sisters so Syd and Jason helped me put together a new display for the over the collar dog bandanas that I make to sell in their shop and at the markets!  More on this project in another post.  This post is getting too long!

Last night was Kendalls last home Badminton game. It was Senior Night…a night to honor the senior players on the team.  I think this is something that really deserves is own post ..but I’ll just share a pic. It was a busy day getting everything ready.  Mostly because I made my very first balloon arch…separate post for that too.


So thats it for today!  Day 8 of 100 days of blogging is complete!

Until tomorrow!