Barre Blend…My Journey

Barre Blend, it’s a journey…not a destination!

Ok…so ya, I’m sharing another before and after.  I know the questions, snarky remarks or better yet, those who think it and don’t say anything..but it might go something like this…”why isn’t she at her goal weight or body yet.”  “haven’t you been at this fitness thing for like 10 years or something?” I get it but I don’t think you do if you’re thinking these thoughts!

You see, I started this home fitness journey before kids…here’s my first before and after photo from get this…2002!!

A few years later, I had gotten married and had two darling daughters! I decided to go back to what worked for me in the past. I ended up getting the results below with my home fitness programs and healthy eating!  This is my postpartum journey!

Over the last 12 years, I’ve completed countless other programs and taken before and after photos.  I’ve share some of them (not all) on my blog. You can find some of those HERE  HERE and  HERE

I’m human!

The reality is…yes, I’ve been a part of my company for over 10 years…but you guys, I’m freaking human! I have crazy cravings for all the chocolate (at least once a month – ladies you know what I mean)!  And girl, I want to thoroughly enjoy my holidays just like the next person!  So if I’m being completely honest, I stopped caring about following a specific nutrition plan and was totally winging it over the last few months! It was a bit of a reality check when I hopped on the scale at the end of last year and realized that my “winging” it, wasn’t cutting it!

It was time for a change!

I knew I needed to change some things!  Thankfully, we had a new Barre program coming out that would challenge me with my workouts. You can try a FREE Barre workout HERE.  I decided I needed to dive into and follow a nutrition plan that I had gotten certified but was failing miserably at following!

The results are in!

So here we are…2 months of 2020 are in the books! Its been an awesome start to the new decade!!  I have finished my 8 weeks of Barre workouts combined with daily superfoods, pre and post workouts supplements, and healthy eating! I went back to being diligent about follow an awesome nutrition plan where I didn’t have to measure/weigh any foods or cut any food groups!  I still enjoyed an occasional treat and ended up losing just under 7 pounds (6.8 to be exact) and 7 inches.

Rather than posting bikini pics…because girl, I’m not a 20 something anymore, I decided to use these pants I bought awhile back without trying them on (bad idea).  When I finally did try them on, they didn’t fit and I never returned them!  Classic Tami move!  I found them when I was cleaning out my closet late last year and thought they’d be a good way to gauge my progress.

They are definitely fitting better and I know that they’ll be fitting perfectly in the next couple months!  I’m starting a new round of my Barre workouts tomorrow and will be following the modifier so that my hubby and I can do a 21 Day Cleanse that he’s been asking me to do with him for months!  So tune into my stories on as I share that journey with you all!!

And as always, if you’re ready to join me on this journey, I’m just a message away!  Or you can go to and get more details!!

All my best!