My 3 Day Cleanse Recap and Results

When your jeans don’t fit right, you need a 3 day cleanse!

I’d spent all summer wearing yoga capris, baggy shorts, comfy tees…you get the idea! One day a couple weeks ago, I went to put on of my pairs of jeans and I’m like WOAH…I don’t remember them being this tight.

Sure, I’d been working out all summer and “trying” to eat healthy, but truth be told, I had been saying YES to all the treats…and not keeping track of what I was REALLY eating.  I wasn’t being mindful of my eating habits much at all!

I would do great for a day or two and then slack.  My mind just wasn’t in it.  I knew I needed to give myself structure…a plan to follow that would take the guess work out of what I needed to eat and drink! Something that would really get the scale moving in a downward direction instead of hovering around the same (or going up).  In complete honesty here…its been in the same range (give or take 5-8 pounds) for over a year.  I’m not where I want to be and its time for take action.

Enter the 3 Day Refresh Cleanse!

Don’t get me wrong…I did not do the 3 day cleanse for JUST weight loss. But if you’re anything like me, when I’m not comfortable at a certain weight, it affects me.  I know it shouldn’t, but it does.  I have a range that I feel most confident in and where I’m at now, is not it! I needed something to help me reset not only my taste buds but also my mindset!! Having a program that pretty much lays out exactly what you need to do each day is what I needed! This mama over 45 is on a mission to enter the new year healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident than ever before! 

I could explain what its all about…but a video does a much better job!  So here’s what this program is all about:

Why this program was developed…from its creator and our CEO!

I documented my 3 Day journey over on my Instagram stories at @taminicholson just look for the IG story highlight bubble that looks like this

In the end, lost 4 pounds and got myself back on track with my nutrition!  Overall, it was a much better experience than the times I have done it in the past and I will definitely do it again when I feel I need another kickstart!!

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