My girl is growing up….I need to let go!

Letting go is hard!

Remember when you brought your sweet baby home from the hospital and you couldn’t imagine ever leaving her with anyone else?

Or when you dropped your little one off at kindergarten for the first day knowing they would be out of your care for an extended period of time?

Well, today I feel I took another giant leap in “my baby is growing up” department!

You want to me to let you go do what?

Today I got a phone call from my oldest who I had just dropped off at school!  Their badminton team was set to go to the state playoffs for the day.  I was thinking maybe she was calling to say it was cancelled and ask if I could bring her back pack and stuff to her.  But instead she was asking if she could ride to their badminton state finals with one of the older girls on the team! There had been a mix up with the bus transportation and the only way they would get to go is if they drove themselves there.

I knew the day was coming when she would be riding the car with other ‘kids” as she is one of the youngest in her grade with an August birthday. I just didn’t think it would be today.  Up until this point, she’s only ridden in cars with other adults! In that moment, I knew it was time…time to let down my mama bear guard and allow her to fly solo with her friends!! (I did double check with the hubby to make sure he was ok with it and he reluctantly agreed.)

It’s a Team thing

So now my baby is off at the badminton playoffs with her team having a blast.  Stole this one off her IG account!  It’s one of the girls she usually plays doubles with on her team. 
And I grabbed this one off an email that was sent from the school…pretty sure it is the one they’ll use in the yearbook!!


And while this whole, my little girl is growing up can be hard sometimes, I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing young lady she is becoming.  I’m sure the next 4 years are gonna be filled with so many more of these moments as we navigate these high school years!  However, with each new experience, I’m getting more prepared for her to go off to college!!