Ultimate Reset Results

Sometimes we all get off track with our health and fitness…that was definitely the case for me over the last few months. I found we were making too many trips to get frozen yogurt, ice cream (my weakness) and really if I’m being honest… I just wasn’t focusing on my own health as much as I should have been!
As a result, when I went to try on some of my jeans and other cooler weather clothes…they just weren’t fitting the same! I jumped on the scale and was horrified that I’d let my weight creep back on after working so hard a couple years ago.
But I knew what I needed to do…I had to dial in my nutrition big time! I wasn’t on board at first with doing this program because I really didn’t want to give up my workouts but the more I thought about it…I realized if Jason was going to be doing it and I’d be preparing the food, it’d be crazy for me NOT to do it!! So I made the DECISION to go all in with it! And that is the first step in any fitness journey!
Then I committed to it and joined forces with a great support team…who were there to help hold us accountable!! Seriously, it was awesome to have them doing this along side us! That’s the second key ingredient to achieving success with anything!!
Super excited to report that as of this morning…I’m down 11.2 lbs and 11.25 inches!! My cravings for sweets are gone, no longer bloated and I’m feeling awesome!! I’m not at my goal yet but I’m that much closer!



If you’d like to join me and get the support you need for the results you want…just┬ácontact me HERE or via Facebook messenger and lets chat! Together we will work to beat the holiday bloat and ring in 2017 feeling fit and happy!