100 days left in 2022, the countdown is on

100 days until 2023

Well here we are…today starts the 100 days countdown to 2023. It’s a year that seemed so far off when I became a mom in 2005 and when my 1st daughter started kindergarten in 2010.  Now here we are at the countdown to when she graduates high school and goes off to college! This basically ensures that 2023 will be a year of emotional highs and lows for me! (cue the tears…not in a bad way though.) With that, I know I want to go into 2023 feeling my best, both where I’m at emotionally, physically and well, just everything.

To be honest though…the past few months I’ve been in a mental funk.  Not in a bad way like I’m depressed or anything like that…but just feeling, well, I can’t even put my finger on it. Maybe its a combination of this whole “first kid graduating high school” and the fact that I turned 50 a couple weeks ago.  Whatever it is…I know I need to shift my mindset!

So what does this look like for me…

I know myself well enough to know that I do better when I have a goal I’m working towards. Coupled with a goal, I also need a way to track my progress. When I realized there were 100 days left in the year, I started thinking about the things I’ve been kinda focused on this past year and decided to pick a few things that I would commit to doing for the remaining 100 days of the year.  That way I’d go into the new year feeling accomplished!!  A couple are things I already do most days, but sometimes miss a day here or there…and then I have one bigger goal. Thought I’d share them here for anyone who wanted to follow along my journey!

I made a 100 day tracker you can get for FREE by going HERE

100 days

Lets start with smaller 100 day goals…

My first 100 day goal is to read at least 10 pages of a personal growth book/devotional every day. This is something I began doing when I started my coaching side hustle back when my daughters were little. Read about what I do with that HERE The video is a couple years old but I am still a coach with Beachbody, I’ve just chosen to not share as much on social media as I have in previous years…more on that in another blog post!

My second 100 day goal kinda goes along with my first in that I’m committing to 100 workouts/rides/stretch on our “Netflix” for fitness streaming platform.  You may think this is a no brainer…but over the last couple weeks I’ve gotten lackadaisical on my workouts.  So this will keep me more accountable!  You can learn more about this platform HERE.

Got my first one done this morning. I’m currently doing a Pilates program…just  few more days of this one until I move onto the next!  Its way harder than you’ll think!  I was a sweaty mess this morning!

Day 1 of 100 days

Now onto my last two, more involved 100 day commitments.

I have been saying for YEARS, that I needed to get our home and garage cleaned and organized.  To be honest, I’m not the worlds best housekeeper.  I started a group a few years ago called Organize and More and made great progress on some stuff around my home…but just like anything else, if you don’t keep up with it, things tend to go south.  So I’ve set a goal to do at least 30 minutes of cleaning or organizing each day.  I know some days will be more on the big house cleaning days…but knowing that I need to at least do 30 minutes, I’ll at least keep up on tidying up around the house! By the end of the year I’ll have put in 50 hours. I’m hopeful I can make some progress on that garage!  Stay tuned!

And lastly…this is the BIG ONE!!  And probably the one that it going to require the most planning and effort.  I’m committing to write and share a blog post a day for 100 days!  There…I said it!

Here’s a little back story.  I actually starting blogging back when my girls were toddlers…it was a little private family blog but I absolutely love going back and reading those posts. When Facebook came around, I basically abandoned that blog and started sharing on Facebook.  Which has been a good way to stay in contact with people.  But trying to go back and find old posts when you’re looking for something isn’t that easy on Facebook.  Plus, Facebook can take you down at any point and you could potentially lose all those memories/photos. So while I love looking back at the Facebook Memories and am glad I shared so much there…I think I want to give blogging another shot.  100 days starts now!!

So thats it for today!  Day 1 of 100 is complete!!  I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see what I have to share.  It could be anything from stuff we have going on in our daily lives, to things happening in our businesses. We’ve got a couple of them and I personally like to stay busy!