A Birthday Countdown is where its at

How birthday countdowns started for us

Its 2020…and the pandemic has been going on for several months. Jason’s 50th birthday was coming up and we knew that a big 50th birthday celebration wasn’t going to happen. So how else can you ring in becoming a half a century old? How about a birthday countdown!

Tik Tok was all the rage…well, I guess it still is…but I had just recently starting looking at it more often.  I came across a 30th birthday countdown (I can’t remember who’s it was) and decided that I was going to surprise Jason with his own 50th birthday countdown.  A week or so later…I think he showed me a similar video, but my wheels were already in motion.  I then had to play it off like I wasn’t going to be doing anything like that.

What is a birthday countdown?

I’ve seen them done several ways…but the general idea is the birthday boy/girl gets to open a gift a day leading up to their birthday.  So Jason got to open a gift a day for the 50 days leading up to his 50th birthday. Yes, that means I had to find 50 gifts for him to open! That seriously was the hardest part!! Kendall, our oldest daughter got a 16th birthday countdown in 2021 and this year, my family surprised me with my 50th birthday countdown.   Having put together 2 birthday countdowns, I knew what went into them and honestly the thought of my family putting one together for me wasn’t even on my radar. Needless to say, I was surprised!

If you’d like to see our birthday countdowns so far, you can check out our family Tik Tok account HERE We documented each day of opening the gifts there!  So far thats really the only thing on the account so its pretty easy to find them!!

How do you put a birthday countdown together?

How the gift is picked is the part that is up to whoever is planning it. It can be as simple or over the top as you make it.  Some people will preplan what gifts are opened each day others will have the person pick numbers from a hat.  Thats the part you can get creative with.

For Jason’s, I did punch cups in the shape of a 50.  Inside the cups were numbers that would match up to a gift.

birthday countdown

For Kendall’s, I did more decorations on our fireplace with a big mosaic balloon number 16 that I made (more on that in another blog post)  Then I put the numbers inside the balloons (pictured below) and she popped a balloon each day to get the number of gift to open.

birthday countdown

My family also did balloons! I was completely caught off guard but they did awesome keeping me completely clueless about it!  It was a fun way to celebrate my 50th birthday…for 50 days!

Now of course, we are not going to be doing birthday countdowns for every single birthday…only big milestone birthdays!  So our next one will be coming up next year when our Syd turns 16!!  Gonna have to think of something fun for hers!!

Until tomorrow…

PS. Day 2 of 100 days of blog posts is complete!