Celebrating our August Life Changers

As coaches, our mission is to help other people…bottom line!  We help them learn to improve their inner self, their outer self and also their financial situation with our business opportunity! Every month we set goals for our business…just like people in corporate America have goals…so do we!  We are the CEO’s of our own[…]

Should I Particpate in the Sprint Triathlon or not?

A few months back I signed up for an event called MomsTri. – a Sprint Triathon put on by moms for moms! It seemed like a fun event to do with other local moms in the community…a non competitive Sprint Triathlon – swim, bike and run…I could do it. I’ve never done anything like that, before and I’m[…]

Team Beachbody…Can you really make money?

I debated on sharing but here goes… and just so you know, I don’t share this toot my own horn or brag because anyone that knows me, knows that’s not how I am.  I just don’t share about money very often. I share this because when I was just getting started with Team Beachbody, I[…]

My FIRST $2,000 week with Team Beachbody

While I signed the digital dotted line to become a coach on March 20, 2008, I don’t consider that my official START date at all.  The company was so new and there was very little in the way of training tools and systems in place, that for about 3 years I was an official dabbler[…]

Income since the 1st of the Year

This is something I’ve NEVER done before because in Corporate America, actual income is just not something that you talk about.  And believe me, I don’t share this information to brag or boast…really, that’s just not me.  But the kind of business I’m in now is different. What’s great about this business is that it[…]