Week 1 Update of our 80 Day Journey!

I am OBSESSED with 80 Day Obsession!!!!

My hubby and I did it…week one of our 80 day journey is complete! I am feeling amazing and super excited about this program so far!

I have to admit though when this program was announced I was hesitant!  First off, I’ve never been a huge user of the portion approach container system! Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve used it in the past and had success with it but having been doing home fitness programs for 10+ years, I always believed that I was a good judge of my portions…but over the last year or two…that really hasn’t been the case! You could say that I have been lackadaisical (AKA lazy) in my approach and haven’t made any progress in my fitness journey. It hasn’t been all downhill though, I’d go through periods when I’d do a program and have good success like here…but obviously something hasn’t been working for me! In all honestly haven’t been super excited about where I’m at for a couple years now!  (my day 1’s are here)

So not only did I have the container thing to get over…ya these:

But this whole idea of timed nutrition had me questioning the whole thing!! Seriously I was going to have to eat certain things at a certain time? Say what??  Literally, just thinking about it made me nervous!  But I had gotten to a point where I felt like I needed to do something different!  Was it gonna be hard…yes! But you know that saying if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you…I was up for the challenge!

So I made a decision to give this program 110% and trust the process!

Instead of complaining about the nutrition piece…I embraced it!  Having a group of over 115 ladies (clients as well as coaches on our team) that we were leading was the fuel my fire needed!  I knew that I needed to lead by example and prove that this programs works.  Our group has seriously been ROCKING it!

Something that has really helped me with this process is being a part of the Coach Test group for the program! In that group we have direct access to the creator of the program and its been a wealth of information!  One of the best things that came out of it so far was when a fellow coach who shared that she set up timers on her phone reminding her when it was time to workout, eat, have supplements etc!  PURE GENIUS!!! Its been a lifesaver for me!

Now..the biggest challenge I’ve had this week is getting to bed at 9:30PM!  I’m a super night owl and could easily stay up til midnight but one thing that is being stressed on this program is SLEEP and with a 4:15AM wakeup…my goal is to be in bed by 10PM every night!  On the weekends I allow my body to decide what time to wake up!


In the first week what actually happened is the opposite of what I thought would happen!  Turns out…this program is exactly what I needed!  And in fact…being told what to eat and when is AWESOME!  Literally takes the guesswork out it it!  I don’t feel hungry, I haven’t raided the kids snack cabinet and I still get to enjoy all my favorite foods (bread and fruit where were lacking on some other programs I tried out last year.)  I did a live video on Facebook about that as well as a quick recap of my first week of this 80 day journey. Check it out!

I don’t think I’m going back to my old ways!

In all honestly, even though its only the second week, I actually don’t think that I’m going to be changing things up too much after even after this 80 day journey is over (I told my hubby that and he about fell over…he’s not digging it as much as me! lol)

As far as workouts go…this is the FIRST time that a program has been put out where you are doing 80 DIFFERENT workouts!  So if you’re the kind of person who gets bored…you won’t with this one! They last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes and actually the time goes by relatively quickly! There were some times the first couple of days where the resistance loops we use were totally slipping and bunching up a lot!  It was super frustrating!  But once the trainer explained that when this happens you need stronger loops things went much better!  I could definitely feel the burn!

The hubby is doing it too!

I have to say that I’m so super proud of my hubby for his commitment to this 80 Day program so far!  At the end of last year he was literally ready to pay a personal trainer $100+ a month to have them put together a meal plan for him and tell him what he needed to do!  Thankfully for us…this program does just that and as much as he hates his life being scheduled out…he’s been doing AWESOME! He had some issues with feeling bloated and just “full” early in the week and what we narrowed it down to is a couple of the supplements that we were taking had dairy in them.  We’ve kinda thought that he was somewhat lactose intolerant but after removing his recovery drink and casein shake, he started to feel better!    Over all he lost a little over 4 pounds!

The one time that I lost more weight than him in one week!

Me on other had don’t have any food allergies and have felt great all week!  I kept up with everything, followed the meal plan to a tee and ended up losing 5.4 pounds this week! A couple pounds of that is of course water weight because when I think back to the weekend before we started…I didn’t drink a ton of over the weekend and there was movie theatre popcorn in the mix but still it makes me happy to see the number go down!  It gave me the boost I needed to plow ahead into week 2!!

I’m going to be documenting this 80 Day journey every week by taking pictures and measurements every few weeks. (didn’t take those this week)  Here’s a side by side my one week results!  I notice less bloating in my tummy area most of all!  Apparently I need to open more blinds because the I did NOT get a tan…the room was just darker! LOL

And now onto week 2!  I feel like I’m in a routine now and I’m excited to see what this week has in store!

Oh and I even did a week 2 meal plan as well more meal prep this past weekend!  I’m telling you, I have committed to this process and I’m counting on anyone who reads this to hold me accountable! Comment below or visit me over on my like page HERE!

Here’s a copy of that in case you’re interested in the amount of food I’m eating!  We are definitely not on a starvation plan here!  So thats it.  I hope you’ll come back next week for another update!!

If you’re ready to start your health journey and learn the daily habits that will empower you to Be Happy, Live Healthy and Enjoy Life..I’d love to set up a time to chat with you and find a program thats right for you!