Inspirational and Motivational Fitness Tanks

My new Inspirational Fitness Tank Shop is OPEN!!!

Ok…if you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know that I’ve had a thing for fitness or workout tanks for awhile!  I mean when you workout every day…a girls gonna get quite a collection over time right!

A couple years ago I was curious to see how many I had and did a 30 day fitness tank challenge…where I was going to see if I had enough to wear a different tank every day…check out the video here:

The other thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE creating!  Whether is sewing, being crafty with my girls, putting together powerpoint presentations for my team, or making social media graphics for my business…its something that I truly enjoy and I guess probably stems from my Advertising and Marketing undergraduate degree coupled with my love of all things crafty!

For a couple years I’ve been dabbling in creating designs and shirts for our team retreats and annual coach conventions. Not only do I love the sense of camaraderie having matching shirts builds…but creating them is so fun for me!  It wasn’t until I recently came across a different t-shirt selling platform from what I had been using that I began to consider opening a shop of my own!

About a month ago I started doing a little bit of research on this new platform and I was hooked!  It was way easier, didn’t have any upfront costs and gives me an outlet to share yet another one of my passions…creating!

I’m super pumped to begin another arm to my Savvy Girl Fitness brand…introducing the Savvy Girl Shop!!

Check it out here:

I hope you’ll check it out and see something that inspires you!  I’m always on the lookout for new ideas…if you have one, be sure to drop me a note and let me know.  If I create a tank with your idea and I sells at least 3…you’ll get a free tank!!