2 Week Recap of my 80 Day Journey to Fit

Another week of my 80 Day journey is done!

How can we already be in Week 3 of our 80 day journey to becoming a more fit, strong and healthy mom!  Over the last 2 years I’ve sort of been trying different things but not really being super consistent with anything.  If you read my last couple blog posts, you know the things I’ve tried.  You can read about those HERE!

So this new program couldn’t have come at a better time…having it released at the beginning of the year is just icing on the cake…something I won’t be having for a few months!  (I’m not sure how I’ll handle my daughters 11th birthday which falls just a few days before the program ends!!)

Its my own fault!

Truth be told…clothes in my closet weren’t fitting like they used to and I’d gotten comfortable (and was ok with) wearing stretchy yoga pants….but the whole time I was really feeling uncomfortable in my own skin!

I’m not going to blame it on anything other than my own doing.  Bottom line…I got lazy in my nutrition! (working out is the easy part for me)

Its so crazy that only 2 weeks in and I’ve already made awesome progress.  Here’s a quick recap video!

So a little bit about my morning routine for this 80 day journey!

I wake up each weekday morning at 4:15AM and get dressed into the workout clothes that I laid out the night before.  I have a pre-workout meal…its usually something like this or a superfoods shake with half a banana!

While thats digesting, I’ll listen to some motivational audio, write in my journal and do some visualizations of my goals!  Then about 5AM I have a pre-workout drink that I like to call my #gogodrink…because it helps me get up and go!!

Then at 5:15…I’m ready to hit my gym…aka, my office…aka my front room!!  Workouts are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (most are an hour) so I’m done no later than 6:15!  (weekends I sleep in and go through the same routine only later)  Thats when my first daughter gets up for school and we start the “get ready for school” routine!

After my workout…I get to enjoy a delicious chocolate shake and half a banana for recovery!  These workouts are not easy so this helps with muscle soreness an honestly tastes like chocolate milk!!  I have an alarm set on my phone to make sure I drink this by 6:45AM!

And thats it!! I’ll share what the rest of my day looks like in another post…this one is getting too long!!

I can honestly say that I have had ZERO sugar, ZERO kids snacks (hello prior Goldfish stealer and all around…oh I’ll have the rest of that mom) and ZERO anything that wasn’t on my plan! I even turned down Girl Scout cookies, ice cream and Pizza! I’m more committed that ever!

Here’s the thing though…I’m taking this thing week by week because I know there are going to be hard weeks. I’ve gotten into a routine with my meal plan and workouts…now I just need to be better about planning the rest of the things I need to do into my day!  Always a work in progress over here!

So in the meantime, I thought I’d share with you my meal plan for Week 3!!

Our support group ROCKS!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much having a group of over 100 ladies on this same journey has helped me to stay on track!  I love logging into our group daily and having so many of them checking in, asking questions, sharing the meals they’re making and really cheering each other on! Its truly what makes this thing I do so awesome!

If you’re at a place where you are ready for change…reach out!  Drop me an email at [email protected] or complete this interest form below!

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Together we can make 2018 the best year yet!