Grab a Partner & Get Healthy Together with Double Time!

How many times have you wished there was something that you and your kids could do together that would be fun, yet still be a great workout! Introducing Double Time!

On October 31st, Double Time will be here!

When I first heard about this program over the summer, I got goosebumps because I can remember so many times my little girls jumping in on some of my workouts but they really couldn’t do a lot of the moves!  Then they would do Tony’s kids program called Tony and the Kids!  This was them when they were younger doing that program!

But later this month we will have something we can do together and I’m super excited!  Not just because the trainer for this program is my first favorite trainer, the P90X guy, Tony Horton…but mostly because its the first ever workout that REQUIRES you to do the workout WITH someone…your son, daughter, spouse, best friend…whoever!  Its designed to give families a fun workout they can do together! Check it out:

I did my first in home program from start to finish back in 2002…you can read about that HERE.  After having my two daughters, I went back to what I knew worked and lost over 40 pounds of baby weight! Over the years my girls have seen me do most of the workouts and have even met many of the trainers over the years!  This was the first time they actually met Tony Horton in person!  Up until then, they knew him from TV!!

Its about time there is a workout designed that families can do together!


Double Time makes getting in shape feel more like playtime! When you have someone to workout with, its more fun!  Every move takes two people and teamwork—so just imagine how much easier it will be for you to stay accountable for the entire 30 days. Plus, if you two are laughing and focused on working together instead of watching the clock, you’ll want to keep going with your new healthier habits long after you complete the program!


When Tony Horton created Double Time he was thinking about families. When you think about it, how many activities are there for parents and kids to actually do together—aside from watching TV? Kids spend so much time looking at their devices that its time to get the off those for awhile and get moving!  It’s something that our entire family can do!!

With Double Time, it doesn’t matter what you and your partner’s age, height or fitness level! No matter your differences, you’ll be having fun and getting your sweat on together as a team!I’m gearing up to host a Launch Group in November and I’m looking for 5 families who want to take on the challenge!Want all the details…get on the list to be the first to know when the launches and how you can get a FREE t-shirt when you complete the program!

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