Countdown to Spring Break…

On Saturday, I embarked on a 21 day Countdown to Spring Break! Not because I’m heading to some exotic beach where I’ll be prancing around in a bikini…but I’m challenging myself to actually stick with fitness program and it’s corresponding meal plan and give a program my best effort!

I can totally do this!!!! I have to keep telling myself this because I’ve found that lately I’ve been rationalizing my indulging in sweets and treats by saying that “oh, I worked out I can have this.” And its clearly not working. I’m not where I want to be and I can tell it’s spilling over into other areas of my life. So it’s time to take back control!

I want to do this …
?? To feel confident!
?? To prove to myself I CAN do it!
?? To show others what can happen when you commit to a program and follow it!
?? To get my free tank top for completing a program and submitting my results to our corporate team!

So one of the things I know I need to do is PLAN!  I took some time this weekend and put together my weekly meal plan!  I’m following the Countdown to Competition (CTC) plan that comes with the program. Its a pretty regimented program and only being 2 days into it, I am totally missing my fruit already and am definitely having a hard time eating so many meals.  But I haven’t had any sweet treats…which I’m super proud of myself about.

Here’s what my meal plan looks like this week.

On this schedule, Saturday is actually DAY 1 of my Countdown to Competition meal plan!

But I know I can’t do this alone and that’s why I’m thankful to have a support group to be by my side!


If you need accountability on your fitness journey, simply complete this interest form and I can get you details on my next accountability group!