Life doesn’t get better by chance, but by Change

Do you dread Monday mornings? Tired of the 8-5 grind and having to be away from your kids? Missing important milestones? Wondering how in the world you can help contribute to your families financial situation! Ya…that was me a few years back!
In August 2005, I left a great job that I had worked hard at, one that I had gotten a Masters Degree for and one that I enjoyed! But it was also one that would not allow me to be home with my newborn baby and one thing I’d always wanted was to be a stay at home mom. I’m forever thankful I was able to leave that job to stay home with K, but I never realized how much I enjoyed being surrounded by people…until I was home by myself with a baby. While it was all so new and exciting…I felt alone.
For years I sought out mommy and me clubs and organizations that I could be a part of and those were truly some of the best days! But as my kids got older and things in life happened, I realized that I was also feeling the pressure of being able to help our family financially…especially after my hubby’s job was swooped out from underneath him in August of 2008! ┬áDuring the year that followed, my husband was only coming home on the weekends because the job he finally found was 2 hours away. We had 4 rental properties that were producing negative cash flow every month and debt kept piling up! It was hard.

If he didn’t come home on the weekends…I would take the girls to Phoenix. This was a trip to the Phoenix Zoo.

Thankfully, I never let go of something that had been right under my nose the entire time while we struggling to find our way…a business opportunity.

In 2012, I drew a line in the sand and told myself I was going to make this coaching thing work for our family no matter what. I committed to helping others reach their goals and over time, it has helped us in so many ways. Its turned into one of the biggest blessings of our life (well besides our sweet daughters).
Not only have we gotten out of debt, but we now enjoy a life free from the paycheck to paycheck mentality. We don’t have use those balance transfer checks you get in the mail to move credit card balances to interest free credit cards like we used to and we don’t have creditors calling us all the time! But one of the greatest things is we get to do more for our kids than ever before.
But why am I telling you this? Because if any of this resonated with you keep reading because you too can create change in your life!
My mission this year is to help other mamas lay the same foundation that I did when I drew that line in the sand! But it starts with a decision…a decision to take a chance on an opportunity that has the potential to change your life…if you’ll let it!

?? I am looking for 5 people who have a passion for health and fitness and would like to turn that passion and their results into a paycheck! (Having this passion simply means that you are interested in helping yourself (and others) live a healthy lifestyle.)
?? If you’re self motivated, hard working and willing to learn as you go, I will mentor you one on one through my next new coach training!
??If you are ready to get healthy and make fitness your business by creating an amazing community of support where you’ll help people reach their health and fitness goals complete the coach application below!

*** you cannot already be a coach or working with a coach!

Are you ready to join our Fit Family and Be Happy, Live Healthy & Enjoy the Journey?

Wondering if this is for real or what I’ve been able to earn…I have blog posts about that!

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