75 days of consistency with 75Hard

Consistency is key.

I think a lot of times when people start something new…whether its working on your health, starting a side hustle to make extra money, keeping up with your household chores/projects….we start off strong and then somewhere a long the way we get off track.
Anyone relate? It happens to us all!
I’ve had seasons of crazy consistency in all areas of my life and others where it was lackluster at best!
But I will say that the ONE area where my consistency never falters is getting in my daily workouts! I’ve found what works for me…and thats helped me to never get too far off track on my health journey!


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Having exercise under control is one thing…but I can’t say that I’ve completely mastered a nutrition plan works best for me, nor have I found consistency in keeping a tidy house…is that even really a thing???? 😂 More on that in another post!
Yes…even after all these years I too, still struggle with wanting to eat healthy all the time. #reallife Do I know what healthy looks like…of course. But the motivation to do it isn’t always there!

Does that make me a failure…no, not really. But does it make me feel like an imposter sometimes. A big fat YES!

So I’m taking the next 75 days to focus on ME and doing 75Hard with my hubby. Well technically 73 because we’re on Day 3 today!  You can find out what 75 Hard is all about by clicking HERE  Its a free challenge created by a guy name Andy Frisella thats designed to test your mental toughness.  If you decide to take the challenge….I created a paper tracker for it.  Check it out HERE
I’ll still be running my client group “Get Fit with Tami”…so if you have a Beachbody on Demand subscription…feel free to request to join that group HERE  If you’re interested in learning more about working out at home and having daily accountability to get it done, go HERE
Thats the update for now…hope you’re all having a great summer so far!!
All my best,