Made it to day 40

Call it what you will…but we were not successful completing 75Hard this time around.  And I’m ok with it!  Its not an easy challenge to complete and it takes a LOT of commitment to be 100% with each of the 5 core activities.   Read more about 75Hard HERE.

I can’t go through the rest of the 30 something days knowing that I didn’t fully commit to the program and then say I did!  I know some people make up different versions of 75Hard and call it 75Soft or whatever, but for me, when I do this program…I want to do it as outlined.

If you miss a core activity, the program requires you to start over at Day 1 and my mindset isn’t in the right space to fully re-commit to the program. Plus, I really wanted to be done with the program before my 50th birthday. Starting over would mean I would still be doing it well after my birthday!

Do I still think 75 Hard is a good challenge…absolutely.

Will I ever attempt it again…possibly.  Just not sure when.

I will however continue with many of the healthy habits it promotes like: working out, reading personal growth, drinking water, eating healthy etc…but just not as strict as the challenge outlines!

So here’s to making making August a great month!!