Get paid for getting healthy and fit in our #MomStrong Beachbody Health Bet Contest!

We’ve got a great formula for success as it relates to getting healthy and fit…Fitness+Nutrition+Support+Rewards = SUCCESS!  All are key components to reaching your goals.  But up until now, the rewards component mainly referred to what you received AFTER you completed your program!  (You may not know that when you complete a Beachbody fitness program you can send in your before and after photos and win a free t shirt of whatever program you completed! You can also enter those results into a contest for money in the Beachbody Challenge!)

However, there hasn’t  been much that would get you motivated to START or keep GOING on your journey…until now! Enter…the Beachbody Health Bet contest!


Let me explain…

During the month of September, Beachbody is betting over $1 Million dollars (up to $3 Million) that you’ll fall in love with getting healthy and fit and stay accountable to your workouts, fueling your body with healthy stuff and having a support network to help you along the way!  I want all my friends and family to be part of this and earn your piece of the pot so I’ll be starting a specific group, just for this, on September 5th!!  When you participate in one my challenge groups and fulfill some weekly criteria, you’ll be eligible for your share of that $1 million+ pot!  All activity will take place via an app on your iPhone or Android phone via the Beachbody Challenge Tracker app!


So what’s the criteria to be eligible to win?

  1. Participate in a challenge group on the My Challenge Tracker App from September 5th thru October 2nd, 2016
  2. Meet the minimum in-App weekly tracking requirements (and get great results in the process!)
    • Log a minimum of 3 workouts
    • Log a minimum of 5 Shakeology’s, plus post a photo of your Shakeology with your tracked activity. – so yes, you have to be drinking Shakeology and taking pictures of your daily shake!  Logging is as easy as this…trackerXappX
  3. Win and share equally in the final cash pot.  This cash pot is going to be anywhere from $1 million dollars up to $3 million dollars!

Thats it!  Not a complicated challenge right? Here’s a video that gives you all the details!!

So are you ready to commit to getting healthy and fit with me and take the Beachbody Health Bet challenge?   Spots in this group are gonna go fast so be sure to snag yours today by completing the form below!   I will be in contact with you to help you pick a program thats right for you!

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