Purple Zebra Party Paradise!

Kid birthday parties are a big thing in our house!  Ever since my daughters were babies…one of the things I’ve loved to do was to make and decorate their birthday cakes!  Be sure to check back in the Being Crafty section of my blog over the coming weeks as I’lll be going back and adding the other cakes I’ve made for them over the years!

For now…lets recap the Purple Zebra party for my sweet Sydney Sue bugaboo…thats a nickname that she loves me to call her!

My first order of business was to scour Pinterest for ideas on a cake…because usually thats sort of where our ideas start!  You can check out my Pinterest board for her party here!

Then I baked the cakes and made the frosting!  As the girls have gotten older, they are loving being more involved in the process!  Here’s my sweet Syd frosting her cakes!


The next part of the project was to roll out the fondant and make some decorations!  Because I was short on time and didn’t have a ton of colors to make for this cake, I went ahead and bought the purple colored fondant from JoAnn’s!  If there were lots of colors I usually color the white fondant myself.  The girls had fun rolling out the fondant and helping me put them on the cake!


For the Zebra stripes, I wasn’t about to attempt to make those…so I found some great sugar paper over on Amazon, you can find it HERE and used that to cover the middle tier! (it had to be covered in fondant first and wasn’t too hard to put on! Then it was time to assemble and decorate!  The girls and I had fun putting this together and I think it turned out great!  So did all her friends!


Here’s just a sneak peek at some of the decorations we had for her party.  I bought a print party package from PrintCelebrateCreate over on Etsy.  You can find that HERE


Overall I think Sydney had a super fun 9th Birthday party!!  But I have to say…the funniest part of the whole day was when one of Sydney’s friends came up to me and asked me if I knew who the zebra was on Syd’s party plates..of course I had NO idea what she was talking about.  Come to find out, it was Elzee, one of the characters on a show on Disney Junior!  Whoops!  Guess that just proves I’m totally out of the loop on what toddlers are watching these days!


She is quite the fan of zebra stripes these days!!  What a super fun birthday celebration for my sweet girl!!