Healthy Obsession Week 1

Tomorrow I start week 2 of a program called Healthy Obsession. I talked about the program in this post a couple weeks ago.  In that post I mentioned I’d be sharing that journey daily here on the blog.  And well, that hasn’t happened.  I haven’t felt like there has been much to talk about on a daily basis so I’m gonna do a weekly update each Sunday! Here’s a brief recap of how things have gone in week 1.

Hour long workouts

The biggest adjustment for me so far is getting used to doing hour long workouts again.  Back in the early days of me working out at home, hour workouts were no big deal.  But as the years went on, more and more shorter workouts were being released so I’ve gotten super accustomed to 30 minute workouts.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying 30 minute workouts aren’t enough. They absolutely are.  Healthy Obsession just happens to be hour long workouts and I agreed to do the program, so here we are!

Back to Sweat Squad for Accountability

First off, what is Sweat Squad?  It probably deserves its own post, so I’ll just say that its a group of woman who are all on a journey to get healthy that meet up virtually for our workouts. We also have one big chat thread on Facebook where you ask questions or find workout buddies.

One thing that I decided to do for this new program was plug back into Sweat Squad. I’d gotten away from it over the summer because I didn’t want to commit to a certain workout time because I had other stuff going on. To be honest though, getting my workout done isn’t my health journey struggle. But stay with me and I’ll talk about what is.

If you like to workout, why Sweat Squad

In all my years of experience, I know when you have group of ladies all starting the same program on the same day, it’s a lot more fun.  And with these hour long workouts, I knew I was gonna need a little push to not procrastinate on getting started.  Its pretty easy to fit in a 20-30 minute workout into your day…but an hour can get tricky.  So I definitely felt I needed the push.  Thankfully with daylight savings time, there are a few of us ladies doing the same program who hop into our virtual gym around the same time.  If you need some accountability, reach out to me HERE

The Struggle is always Nutrition

Week 1 of Healthy Obsession hasn’t been great when it comes to my nutrition. I had grand plans when I was first planning to do this program to go all in with something called Timed Nutrition. Its where you eat certain food groups at certain times of day.  I followed it when I did the 80 day version of this program. But I decided I wasn’t going to go that extreme with my nutrition.

So I decided I’d give the color coded containers another shot. I got through the first 2 1/2 days and stopped. I’m taking complete ownership of my decision to not follow that plan. Not because it doesn’t work, because there are countless people who have had great success with it.  But simply because having to count containers was not making me happy. I’m committed to only doing this that make me happy.

Tracking is key

For week 2, I’ve decided to try something different.  Nothing drastic where I’m eliminating food groups or going keto or starting on an expensive fake food journey.  I’ve been in the wellness space long enough to know what’s healthy and whats not where nutrition is concerned. I also know that I’m the most successful when I’m tracking my nutrition.  So for the remainder of November, I will only be tracking a couple things…my protein intake and my calories.  I had my numbers calculated with a formula I got for a dietitian and I’ll be aiming to hit at least 90 grams of protein each day and stay below 1700 calories.

Happy to have made it through week 1 of Healthy Obsession. See you next week with an update on how I do with this new approach and with week 2!

Until tomorrows post…

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