An Obsession that’s Healthy?

Unless we’ve just met, you probably know I’ve been a part of the Beachbody (soon to be known as BODi) community since 2002.  I can’t even begin to count the number of home workouts programs I’ve completed over the years. I haven’t been sharing publicly about any of the programs or my health/fitness journey lately because I’ve been focused on other things.  But after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to jump back in, commit to a program and share my journey daily here on my blog. I mean, I’m committed to posting here every day so I might as well right?  I’ve decided to embark on a journey called Healthy Obsession starting on November 7th!

What is Healthy Obsession?

One of our top home fitness trainers Autumn Calabrese has taken her super popular program 80 Day Obsession and created a 21 day version of it!  I completed 80 Day Obsession back in 2018 and shared my results about it HERE. But I’ve also done several of her other programs and even met her in person a couple times! The first time was back in 2014 pictured below and then my oldest daughter met her on one of our incentive trips with the company.

In any case, Autumn has put a fresh, new spin on her legendary program 80 Day Obsession with her creation of Healthy Obsession. And you better believe she’ll deliver the same incredible results she’s known for!

  • Sculpt your CORE
  • Lift Your BOOTY
  • Total Body WORKOUT 

I know what you’re thinking…What can I expect?

The first 3 weeks, you’ll workout 5 days a week for 60 minutes a day.

The 4th week is a functional recovery week. This is where you’ll take it down a notch with only two 60-minute workouts that are lower intensity to help you transition into whatever workouts you’ll be tackling next!

Imagine how much stronger, happier, and confident you’ll feel when you commit to completing this 4-week program!

Here’s a sneak peek of the program.

And you won’t be doing it alone! 

Several of our team members are doing this and we’ll be on this journey together. We’ll hold each other accountable by…

  •  Logging each workout one-by-one ✅
  •  It important to have a simple nutrition plan that gives your body exactly what it needs 🍲
  •  Checking in with our private group daily — Hello Accountability! 🙌

Celebrating wins, sharing obstacles + how to overcome them, and encouraging each other to keep going!  I firmly believe that having a Supportive Community is 🔑 to crushing your goals!

Want more details. Fill out this for and I’ll be in touch!!

Thats it for today. See you back here tomorrow.

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