A humbling experience to start my 100 workouts journey

100 workouts…who does this

Girl…it doesn’t matter if you’re starting your very first program or if you’re on your 50th…taking BEFORE pictures and measurements can be a very humbling experience!  But as someone who believes that I shouldn’t ask others to do what I’m not willing to do, here goes nothing!  My official Day 1 photos for my 100 workouts commitment!

Sure, I’ve kinda noticed some of my clothes were fitting tighter than usual and that the scale had gone up a bit…but man, when you see yourself in pictures, it puts things into perspective! Honestly, I think thats why so many people shy away from or don’t actually take before pictures and measurements.

But girl…take the pictures!

Why, because we have to remember where we started so we can see how far we’ve come!  And I don’t know about you, but when I share my before pictures, I am way more motivated to make changes because I’ll be darned if I’m gonna commit to sharing a progress picture and not have any noticeable change!  I guess you could say there’s a certain level of accountability that comes with taking AND sharing these types of pictures!

So now, as far as how I felt after I took the pictures…I had two choices when I saw my “before” pictures this morning!

The first option…I could feel defeated and start beating myself up for not being as fit and toned as I once was!  I could start talking down to myself, body shaming and continue to rip to shreds any confidence I have worked so hard to attain!  I could even throw in the towel on this whole thing and just accept that even after falling a little off track the past month or two, I’ve still made all kinds of progress since the BEFORE picture (in the picture below) I had my second daughter back in May of 2007!

My journey to get fit after having my 2nd daughter

But NO…I won’t do that!

I chose to look at the pictures I took this morning and think…

“Girl, don’t sweat it!

Sure, you’re not where you used to be, but you know what you’re capable of and you have the tools to help you get there!  You’ve had fun this summer! You enjoyed ice cream (more than occasionally, you didn’t plan your meals, and you put on a couple pounds.  Its totally fine!  You still have good muscle tone, been keeping up with your workouts, eating healthy-ish, drinking mostly water (although probably not enough) and its not the end of the freaking world!  You’re human!

Just remember when you look at the picture below that you purposely put on a pair of pants that are TOO SMALL for you…you’ve never actually worn them!!  You bought them over a year ago because they looked super cute and you never even tried them on at the store. When you got home and tried them on, those suckers didn’t fit! But you still loved them! Then in true Tami style, you forgot to return them and eventually lost the receipt!!”

So my friends…yes, this morning I put on a pair of pants that I’ve never actually worn before!  I still think they’re cute and have decided to make them my “goal pants”! I have every intention to fit into them by the end of these 100 workouts!! I chose this way of measuring my progress because the scale can be deceiving…but pants (and pictures) don’t lie!!

Goal pants that I’ve never actually worn before!

I will use these photos as motivation to push myself in my workouts…to track my food….and to drink my water!!  Because I KNOW when I do those things…I will reach my goal!

If you’ve got a pair of pants that you want to fit into or goals you want to achieve…drop your info below and lets chat!!  There’s still time to join me in my 100 workouts challenge or you can get started in my virtual health studio! I’m looking for ladies who want to make the rest of their life, the best of their life!

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