30 Day Progress photos Insanity Max 30

Well, what can I say.  It’s been 30 days of my Insanity Max 30 journey!  Where has time gone?  Seriously it seems like I just started it.  I had intended to blog every week on how things were going but it looks like a monthly update will have to do.  Right now is literally the busiest time of year for my business and am still trying to figure out a way to fit blogging into the mix!  I’ll get there though…I promise!!

However, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I was SUPER consistent with my Insanity Max 30 workouts and didn’t miss a single one.   You may have seen me posting signs like these:

2015-01-19 15.01.092015-01-23 10.13.222015-01-26 12.57.012015-01-14 12.16.252015-01-08 09.46.532015-01-05 10.16.14 2015-01-07 11.37.05

Sticking to workouts is the easy part for me.  There were a couple days where I did my Friday workout on the weekend and I didn’t include any of the extra ab workouts…but at least I can say I did all the workouts! HOWEVER…like many of you, being SPOT ON with my food choices can be hit or miss for me!   While it wasn’t t otally off, I can honestly say I did NOT stick to the nutrition plan as outlined in the guidebook.  Needless to say, my 30 day results are not as awesome as I’d had wanted them to be when I started this journey!

I do see some changes in each of the photos…but nothing DRASTIC.  I think I’m at the point in my fitness journey where to see DRAMATIC changes…I’m going to have to seriously DIAL in my nutrition!   Like, no sweet treats, cut the half and half from my coffee (hey, at least its not flavored creamers anymore), limit my bread carb intake and start back with logging everything into My Fitness Pal! But without further ado…here are my 30 day progress pics!  The scale was only down about 4 pounds and I did not take measurements today.  Will save those for Day 60!


Ok…so what my plan for DRASTIC results in my 2nd 30 days of Insanity Max 30? Enter…the 21 Day Fix Extreme program!  This program was just launched yesterday and I can’t wait to dig into the copy that we ordered.  Now don’t get the wrong idea here!  I WILL be completing my 2nd month of Insanity Max 30 and THEN doing maybe 2 rounds of the 21 Day FIX Extreme to get ready for my trip to 21DFX-when-productCancun in April.  But you see that little booklet called “Countdown to Competition” in the picture?  Well, I’m going to use that little book when it arrives and really dial in my nutrition for the final 21 days of my Insanity Max 30 journey.  I think it will be just what I need to really see some significant changes in my before and afters!!

Are you ready to jump into the 21 Day Fix Extreme program?  Maybe you’re just getting started and want to try the 21 Day Fix?  Either way, I will have a 21 Day FIX TEST group starting up in March that I’d love for you to be a part of!  Want to learn more about these or any of the other Rockstar Challenge groups I offer…go here to apply to be in one of my upcoming challenges!!

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