22 Minutes…Will I get results?

Its been awhile since Tony Horton released a new program and its about time!  I’ve been anticipating his next release for some time now!!  Many of you know that he is my FIRST FAVORITE Beachbody trainer who has been part of my fitness journey since the very beginning…back in 2002 I did the original in home bootcamp workout called Power 90!  You can read about my that journey here:  https://taminicholson.com/about/

But here’s a sneak peek of those results.


I’m SUPER excited to be starting a brand new program on Monday called 22 Minute Hard Corps!  Its a military inspired workout thats only 22 minutes!!  I can totally do that!  It will be perfect because I really need to start training for my sprint tri coming up in May.(thats gonna be a whole other post)gotthis

Over the last year, I’ve completed several Beachbody programs, but I haven’t actually sent in my before and after photos since I completed the PiYo workout program back in 2014.  So I’m definitely due for a full on commitment to a program where I WILL see noticeable results.  What this means is I have to be super focused on my nutrition and really give it my all in my workouts.  I definitely will have to wake up every morning with a sheer determination and focus on my long term goal…which is to get back into fitting into my 4’s and 6’s which is usually the 130’s weight range.  I’m not saying a specific weight because I know that for me that number really varies and so if I’m in the high 130’s and my clothes are fitting the way they should…I’ll be happy.  But if they’re not…I’ll know I need to dial in my nutrition a bit more!  Having said this though…I’ve got some work to do be be at my goal because after returning from the cruise…my weight is at an all time high and I know some of it is more than likely water weight and I know I put on more muscle when I did the Hammer and Chisel program but when I stepped on the scale today it was about 21 lbs more than where I want to be.  It may take me more than one round of 22 Minute Hard Corps to reach my goal but I’m giving myself until our annual Coach Summit convention in July to reach my ultimate fitness level!!

Luckily my hubby Jason is on board with this program so we’ll be doing the program at the same time.I can’t say we’ll be working out together every day because our workout schedules are pretty different, especially since I’m going to have to fit in some runs, swims and biking workouts but having him doing the same program and cheering each other on will help me stay on track…especially with our nutrition.

But my other motivation is to make Tony Horton proud!  strongthriveWhile we were on our cruise I got my annual hug from him at Elite/Premiere party which I was able to attend with a rockstar coach on our team. We got to have a quick chat about how long ago we first met (back in 2002 in Santa Monica during one of the first – if not the first fitness camp he hosted)  I just love that the success he has achieved has not changed the person who he is!  In any case,  I want my results from this program to speak to the effectiveness of it…I want to be a Beachbody Success story…AGAIN!  When I enter my results in the Beachbody challenge…people will say, wow – that program really works!


Sunday is gonna be a busy day because I haven’t had a chance to really go through the nutrition guide or program but I WILL make time and come monday…its ON!

If you’re curious about what this program is all about and want me to help you get results from one of our many fitness programs….please complete my challenge group registration form below!

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