3 Ingredient Tasty Guacamole

Ok seriously…who doesn’t love a heaping spoon of tasty guacamole paired with your favorite tortilla chips…my personal favorite are My Nana’s brand!  Granted, this isn’t something that you want to make everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I’m all about balance and moderation and there’s defintiely a time a place for some good guacamole!!  Now I could tell you that I have the most fabulous recipe for homemade salsa that makes my guacamole the absolute best but that’s not how I roll.  I like to keep things so super simple because as a busy mom building an online fitness business where I help busy moms, it just makes sense!  So I’ve found the perfect blend of ingredients to create the best 3 ingredient guacamole…like everyone that tries it loves it.  You’re gonna laugh at how easy this is and how tasty it can be.  Are you ready for this….

2016-03-25 18.46.54Take 2 ripe avocados, cut in half, remove pit and scoop out avocado into a bowl.  Sprinkle some garlic powder over it. Don’t put too much…I usually just shake enough to cover the avocado.  Then mash the avocado and garlic powder together.  Next, take any store bought pico de gallo (or if you have your own favorite recipe you can knock yourself out and use that…I just don’t have time for that) and scoop out two nice heaping spoons of add it to the avocado mixture and VOILA…thats all I do.  I know…too easy right.  But I’m telling you, its crazy good.  Even my girls like it…well they both used to until we found out my youngest was allergic to avocados.  Poor kiddo 🙁   Thats a whole other story!

So really guys, thats all I do to make my guacamole.  I’m not sure if its the garlic powder that makes it so good but you gotta give it a shot.  Be sure to let me know if you try it how you like it!!  Until next time…Enjoy!

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