Insanity Max 30 or bust!

Well the time has come to start a new fitness program and I’ve decided to share my Insanity Max 30 journey through my blog…the ups, the downs, struggles and triumphs!  Over the last 5-6 years of being a coach, (yes, its been that long – even though I’ve really only been actively working it as a business for 3 years ) I’ve always wanted to document one of my fitness journeys but never made the time for it!  But 2015 is gonna be different!  I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and reaching for the stars in MANY areas of my life!  So I’m excited to get started!!

After completing many of the Beachbody programs, I’ve learned in order to get the absolute BEST results you have pay attention and really watch what you eat!  One of the things that makes Beachbody truly unique is that each and every program is a SYSTEM.  You know that phrase, you can’t out exercise a bad diet…its so true!  dietBeachbody believes that nutrition is so important that they create a nutrition guide for each program.  And its not the exact same nutrition guide either…there are similarities but the nutrition you need when you’re doing a muscle building program like Body Beast is vastly different than if you were doing a program that is inspired by yoga and pilates like PiYo!  So the bottom line…in each Beachbody program you get a nutrition guide to follow with the program and when I’ve followed thenutrition guide that comes with the programs…I get better results!  End of story!

prepSo today, I spent some time actually planning out my meals for the week based on the Insanity Max 30 nutrition guide!  I’ve been hovering right around the 145-150 lb mark for the past 2 years and my goal with this program is to bust through the 140 mark and find my ideal weight in the 130’s!! So when choosing which nutrition plan I went with the less than 150 pound one!   The nutrition plan that comes with Max 30 also uses the same containers as the 21 Day Fix plan which I think is SUPER awesome because it takes the guesswork out of having to count calories which quite honestly I really don’t like doing!  So if you’ve done the 21 Day Fix, do not order the upgrade pack because you’ll get another set of containers…unless you just need an extra set!


While putting this together I was able to create meals with foods we enjoy as a family and still make it fit into the nutrition plan.  If I was short one of the colored containers, I’d just look through the lists of approved foods and then add it to one of the meals.  Additionally, my hubby is starting Body Beast tomorrow so he will be able to easily adjust the number of serving of each protein/carb/fat to fit into his plan!  I’ve actually never went through this much effort in creating a meal plan but I intend to do this every week.  I feel it will not only give others a chance to see what healthy eating looks like but will most importantly keep me on track with my nutrition for the entire 60 days!

So thats it…Day 1 starts tomorrow!  I plan to update my blog at least weekly on my progress!  I take before pics and measurements in the morning!!

If you want to learn a little more about Insanity Max 30 check out this video:

If you want to take advantage of this offer be sure message me! Any Insanity Max 30 challenge pack orders placed in January will receive one of these cool off the shoulder sweatshirts to sport during your 60 day challenge!  Cool eh!!challengepackprize

Well, that’s all for tonight!  Wish me luck!

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