Determined to Succeed

I’ve always been someone who went after what she wanted! ⁣

From a young age I knew I wanted to go to college, get a job and climb the corporate ladder. Not even sure at what point I decided this because college wasn’t a big deal in our family. ⁣I was determined to succeed!

But I did what I needed to do…I got good grades, received scholarships and away I went.

But my first job out of college was my first big blow…yes, I was fired! I was young, impressionable and for whatever reason, the big CEO boss at the company didn’t see a need for my position. While I was devastated, I was determined to not let that defeat define me. ⁣If I was going to succeed, I needed to not give up!

I packed up and moved to Dallas without a job secured but had a whole lot of hope for the future and hustle to figure it out! And within a week or two of moving there, I was employed! Phew! ⁣

That began my career in Human Resources…where over the next 8 years I learned that, more than anything else, I wanted to be a stay at home mom when I eventually got married and had kids! Working in HR, I saw way too many mamas getting in trouble for having to miss work because their kiddos were sick. Or even more gut wrenching…having to miss important events at their kids school because they couldn’t get time off. I didn’t ever want to be put in that situation. ⁣Anyone relate?

It’s funny how life has a way of working out when you truly know what you want and why you want it! My life worked out the way it did but it wasn’t without challenges!⁣ I’ll save those for another post another day!!

Sure I got to be a stay at home mom…but in the process I also learned that my skills and talents could be used to build a business WHILE being at home and help our family out of some financial struggles we were going through. And once I found this ALIGNMENT between what I wanted, what I loved and what I needed to do every day to make it happen, I never looked back. ⁣

What do YOU want?

And now its your turn …do you know what you want and WHY you want it? Are you willing to work hard for your dreams? ⁣

I’m looking for motivated mamas who are willing to go after what they want and who aren’t afraid to put in the work to make it happen! Is that you?

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