The “I can’t” Wake up Call!

In all honesty, I try very hard to be a good example for my two sweet girls by living a healthy lifestyle, treating people with kindness, being respectful and honoring my word.  But tonight, I had a little wake up call after I tucked my kiddos into bed that made me start to question some things in my life.2015-03-11 15.58.09

The past few weeks my oldest daughter has been throwing around the “I can’t do this, I can’t do that” a lot more usual. Not sure if its the age or just a scapegoat to get me to do things FOR her, but in any case, I’ve been hearing it a lot more lately. From I can’t fall asleep to I can’t go upstairs to get something!  I mean…some things are just downright silly for her to say!

Now if you’ve followed me at all, I make every effort to be positive and motivational via Social Media…but I also do this at home with my children.  I think its important for them to have a positive mindset and develop a high level of self confidence (especially as they get closer to the middle school age)…something I struggled with most of my life!  I truly believe your mind is a powerful thing and what you put into it usually comes to fruition.  Think negative thoughts…negative things happen.  Think positive thoughts, more positive things happen.    So each time I hear an “I can’t”,  I have been reminding my daughter that she is capable of doing ANYTHING she sets her mind to and by saying she “can’t” do something, she is pretty much telling her she will not be able to.   As I tucked my precious 9 year old into bed tonight…I explained the importance of believing in yourself and wished her sweet dreams as I kissed her cheek!2014-06-09 06.19.48

Then I came downstairs, to the piles of laundry folded and needing to be put away, a kitchen in total disarray, and a family room honestly looking like a tornado came through and said it…”I can’t keep up with all this,”, “I can’t do it all.”  And you know…maybe I can’t – but that’s a whole other blog topic on the problem I have with delegation!  But I caught myself saying those words “I can’t”.   And here’s the thing, I know that the reason my house is in disarray most of the time is not because I physically can’t do it – of course I know how and can find a way to keep a tidy, clean and organized house…I’ve chosen to focus my attention on other things!  But those words…..they are powerful!

I KNOW I’m the one my girls look up to, learn from and emulate.  And its quite possible that these “I can’t” statements are coming from me! I need to do a better job at practicing what I preach!  And then the more I thought about it, it made me question other things….am I really being the very best role model for them? Where else in my life am I showing up like this either in my family, personal or coaching business life…giving advice on one thing and then not doing it myself? And I definitely found areas that I need to work on.  Believe me, I know we are all works in progress – we all have areas to improve and now its time for me to put a game plan in place to make sure that I lead a life that is worth following and I hope you do too!secondchance

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