Mermaid Tale Tutorial

Mermaids are everywhere!

With the springtime weather upon us, I’m getting excited for my girls to sport their fabric Mermaid tails!  This is a Mermaid Tail Tutorial video series on my You Tube channel but I thought I’d share them here on my blog as well!mermaidsMERMAIDSWIM









Does a little girl in your life dream of becoming a Mermaid? Then this 3 Part series is for you!

In Part 1 I cover how to make the pattern for a mermaid tail.

To purchase the FINIS Monofin check online at or (As of the filming of this video, they were currently on backorder.) They generally run around $30-35.FINIS_130012110_1364918558

Children must be supervised using this fin at ALL times and I highly recommend they master the dolphin kick before attempting to swim underwater with the tail. The use of a kickboard while using the fin will help them to learn to navigate in the water.








Part 2 will be Cutting the Tail out of fabric

Part 3 will teach you how to sew the tail together:

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Thanks for watching.

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