Starting 2 New Traditions

I’ve always wanted to do an Advent calendar, I just never have. A year or so ago I bought a fabric panel to make one which I came across while going through my holiday fabric. So I decided it was time to just get it done.

Here was the start of the process…didn’t take a picture of the fabric panel before I started.advent1


The finished product!

Then while browsing blogs one night (I honestly can’t remember where I saw it) but I read about gathering up all your Christmas themed books (hoping you’d have 25) and wrapping them up with Christmas paper. Then each night before Christmas, you have your child open one of the books and sit down and read it to them before bedtime. I thought, what a GREAT idea but I KNOW I don’t have 25 Christmas books. So I set off to Bookmans and Savers and found enough without spending a fortune. So from now on, after Christmas, I’m going to be looking for good deals on nice holiday books!

Since we don’t have a tree up yet, I just covered a box with xmas paper and put all the books in a box. The first night I let them both pick a book…


It’s like Christmas Every day  books2