Santa’s House

Today was a busy day! After a morning of errands, visiting Santa at the mall (where Syd actually sat on his lap long enough to get a picture) and spending some time with Grandma Robin, Kendall couldn’t wait to get home to put together the gingerbread house we picked up at Sams Club.

She did a great job putting the candy on while all Syd wanted to do was eat everything! (While I was putting the house together..both K and S had to sample the frosting -ALOT!!) I can definitely tell a difference in my kids when they eat too much sugar…which was the case this afternoon. K had a lot of fun and thinks that its “Santas house”

This year S was more of an observer (or candy eater)…next year I’m sure she’ll be old enough to take an active role in decorating it!

After it was all done, both girls helped “clean” off the table!!! If only they stayed this helpful through their teenage years but somehow I doubt that will happen!!!