Paleo Pancake Mix – Birch Benders Review

So yesterday was #FridayTRYday and I was gonna try this Paleo pancake mix but we didn’t have everything I wanted to do “breakfast for dinner” so we ended up trying them tonight!

The verdict…they aren’t like “oh my gosh these are so good” but they definitely would work in a “I’m craving pancakes and I want to stick close to my plan” moment! After cooking them, they were pretty dense and not near as fluffy as the ones we made for our girls.  Yes we made back ups in case they weren’t good!  We added some banana and walnuts to half of the batch which definitely upped the flavor factor!  They also too a bit longer to cook than our whole wheat Bisquick ones!

Overall a good alternative but I might explore other options before buying again!!

Do you have a “go to” healthy pancake recipe or mix? Comment below!

Happy Breakfast for dinner day!