Confessions of a Middle School Mom – Field Trip Edition

I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog to recount the feelings I’m having as I transition out of being an elementary school mom and into a full fledge Middle School Mom!  I currently have a 5th grader in elementary and a 7th grader in Middle school!  Next year will be my ONLY year as just a Middle School Mom!  We’re kicking this off with a “Field Trip Edition”


I just returned from a field trip with my seventh grader I’m realizing the big difference between being an “elementary school” mama and a “middle school” mama…and I’m not a fan!

So I’m going to share my experience with ya!

The first thing I noticed when I got to our field trip destination was…I was I felt alone!  Gone are the days of having 5-6 volunteers per class where you all ride the bus. No…middle school kids can’t really sit 3 to a seat like elementary school ones can (or maybe they can), but I guess space was limited. Only 2 parents from our home room were selected and I wasn’t chosen as a “bus” chaperone (which I was ok with because I did have stuff to get done) but I was able to meet the group at the field trip location.  Since I technically wasn’t “needed”, I decided to ask my middle schooler if she wanted me to go and she said “Yes”.  Knowing that there are not many opportunities to volunteer in the middle school classroom, I sent in my form!

But back to the story…when I got to the location I felt very alone. Not in the sense that I was the only parent there but that there was not ONE other parent there that I knew.  I had become so accustomed to knowing all the regular volunteer moms on elementary school field trips so this was different! Then it really hit home when her home teacher didn’t remember who I was..but why would she?  She met TONS of kids parents at the Open House and Meet the Teacher plus there are no Room Moms or classroom volunteer opportunities in middle school like there are in elementary school! So no, I don’t think middle school teachers need to know all the parents by first name!

Anyway, when the middle schoolers finally started arriving, the second thing I noticed is they were gigantic. I mean, it seems like they all sprouted up over the summer or something. They looked like high schoolers to me!! I did chaperone a 6th grade field trip last year and even one of the girls from my 6th grade group was probably taller than me now! In fact, there were several in the group that towered numerous inches over me. Where did the cute little kindergartners go? 

Then I started to reflect on my field trip day...

Where once you felt needed and had to keep a watchful eye on kiddos, now you do not.

Where once you were listened to and looked up to, now you are not.

Where once you felt like you were surrounded by your elementary school family, now you are not.

Where once the kiddos, many you’ve known for years, would say hello and greet you with a smile or even a hug, now they do not.

Where once you took pictures the entire field trip, now you do not!

And then the one thought that made me cry…

Where once your little girl would not leave your side during a field trip…today she did!

I have to admit I was a little sad and I would be lying if I didn’t shed a couple tears today…not for anything more than the fact that it made me realize that my little girl is growing up and how quickly time flies!

But probably the bigger reason is because I’m more emotional today having heard the news that a friend (a boss from the last corporate job I had before becoming a stay at home mom turned home business owner ) passed away. I’m kind of an emotional person anyway and my kids know that I cry everything…so today was hard.  I can’t stop thinking about how quickly time passes and how things can change in an instant.

If you’re a mama reading this, all I can say is this…enjoy every moment!  Don’t take anything for granted and realize that one day you too will be a middle school mom experiencing these same kind of feelings of your kiddos growing up!

We got this mama!


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