Success Leaves Clues…Listen and take ACTION

Flashback Friday!

A little less than 2 years ago I was able to meet the now 3X Top Coach in all of Beachbody during an incentive trip in Cancun! When I met her she had just earned the title of Top Coach for the first time!!
I’ll admit, I used to get a ton of anxiety when meeting people I don’t know (still an introvert at heart), especially those who I look up to. Needless to say, I don’t know exactly what we talked about when I met her, I just remember her being super nice and really relatable!
I think a lot of times we put successful people on a pedestal and think that we could NEVER do what THEY are doing. Or that they must have some secret formula for success that they are keeping to themselves. But thats not the case at all. Especially with Melanie!  I’m super excited that she’s offering training to those not even on her team and my success partner Dani are stoked to be able to share this knowledge with our teams!
But here’s some real talk…there’s nothing that makes Melanie that much different from you or me, for that matter. I mean, we’re both moms (she has boys, I have girls), we both started our journey’s using a home fitness program, we both are passionate about helping others, we’re both former corporate employees turned stay at home moms….I could go on and on!
From what I know, the MAIN difference between myself and any other coach who may be further ahead than me, is they made a decision to simply do MORE activity that builds their business and with greater CONSISTENCY than I did! Thats it! They earned and totally deserve to hold top spots in the company.  
I think its so important to remember that wherever you are, is where you’re supposed to be.  Its taken me some time to really accept this as my reality but I also realize that I am the one who is in control and I can change that!  I absolutely love this quote because it speaks to this point of you not comparing yourself to others.  I’ve learned to use other peoples success as my inspiration, you know something to work towards rather than let jealousy take over and doubt my own abilities!
For me, when I first started working my business, I made the choice to limit the time I worked to build it and focused on being super present and active in my daughters lives.  I volunteered in the classroom and was the room mom a couple times when my girls were in their early elementary years. I went on field trips, was on the PTO and really just made my girls my number 1 priority and believe me, I wouldn’t change that for the world. But don’t get me wrong, my business was and still is important and I took it very seriously, I simply chose to work it part time hours instead of spending full time hours on it!
But here’s the cool thing…even with doing that, I’ve been able to grow my income during the last 5 years on a consistent basis! I’ve treated my business like a business and I haven’t missed a single month of hitting my monthly goals!  And because of that, I’m earning nearly DOUBLE that which I was earning when I left corporate America as a Human Resources Manager!  Of course it varies each week but I honestly can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing!  I don’t miss any of the hassles of having a normal J.O.B and the time I’ve invested has been totally worth it in my eyes! Because when I was first growing my business, I was totally inspired when other coaches within our network would share their actual earnings, I feel I need to pay it forward and also give you an idea of what’s possible so I’m going to share something that I don’t share very often.  Here’s just a sneak peek of a couple of my recent weekly paychecks.  Believe me when I say this that I don’t share this info to brag or boast, but truly only to show you that you really can grow a full time income with this business!
I share this with you to let you know that this is not some little side gig for me…its my full time job. Only I get to work it on my time, during the hours I set, from my home, in my pajama’s or workout clothes AND get to choose who to work with. That not something that you can really do in corporate America!
Now here’s where I want to challenge YOU to think about where you’re at in life and ask yourself these questions…
❤ Are you looking to do something in your life that give you purpose?
❤ Are you driven to succeed? A hard worker? Honest? A self-starter?
❤ Are you looking to spend more time with your family?
❤ Do you want to determine how much income you earn and not be stuck on a pay scale that may or may not offer you an increase each year?
❤ Maybe you just want to earn some extra income for “fun” money or to help with the bills?
❤ Do you want to feel like the work you do is meaningful and that you’re making a difference?
❤ Do you want to finally get to a place with your health and fitness for you’re happy?
❤ Do you want to be part of something bigger..have a supportive community designed to lift you up and help to reach your fullest potential?
How many of these resonated with you? If more than one did, I think we should just chat and see if joining our team of rockstar coaches would be a good fit for you in your life right now!!

I believe your life can be completely different in just a matter of a year or two! But you’ll never know if you don’t ask…Why not YOU?

If you’d like to chat more about it, simply complete the form HERE: I’m putting together a new coach training for February and am looking to help 10 new coaches build a solid foundation for which they can achieve all the goals they set!

Are you ready to make 2017 YOUR year of Success?

Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.” In addition, please provide prospective and current Coaches with the link to the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings,