Welcome to the ItsaTen Face Mask Shop!

After making over 800 pleated face masks since the end of March when COVID 19 started…I recently had a friend ask if I was making the non pleated kind. I honestly hadn’t even thought about it. Over the last few months I had requests for masks with a filter pocket but never the more form fitted kind of face mask.

But us creative types, like to try new things and are always up for a challenge. So I decided to give them a try.  While more involved that the basic pleated kind to make, I was pretty surprised at how comfortable they are to wear.  I am super excited to start making these awesome Adjustable Face Masks that will come with a paracord/stopper!

NOTE: Paracord can be removed and elastic (or other material) threaded through the casing should you want an over the ear option for your mask. A 24 inch piece of elastic will be included with each order (while supplies last) that can either be threaded through the side casings (like the cord), tied in knot and be worn like the paracord OR you can cut the elastic into two pieces and thread it through the casing using a safety pin then tie the two ends together with a knot to a length that is comfortable around your ears.  (a video explaining all the options for this mask is in the works…stay tuned!)

One final note…if you prefer a PLEATED, NOT ADJUSTABLE MASK, I added a listing for each size where you can pick your fabric from the other listings.  Most fabrics can be made into pleated masks! If you have questions..please message me HERE before placing your order.

Please allow a 3-5 days (business days) for your mask to be made/shipped. I will be adding more fabric options, in various sizes over the coming days/weeks.  If you see a pattern you like but not in the size you need, please send me a message HERE & I can get it added. In addition, if you are local to me and want to pick up, contact me HERE (or text/FB/IG) so I can send you a coupon code to avoid shipping! Thank you for checking out my new Face Mask Shop!


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