I LOST ALL my contacts from my Stamps.com account

Well, I learned a lesson today! That lesson is before you cancel any service, make sure you download any and all information associated with that account.

Earlier this year, I started using a new service to mail packages out and canceled my service with Stamps.com.  Little did I know that when I did that, I wouldn’t have access to ANY of my account information, including my list of mailing addresses.  I went to print out a list so that my daughter could start addressing her Graduation announcements and couldn’t even log into my account. After a live chat, calling customer service and then being escalated to a manager…no one was able to help me re-instate my account and get my contacts back.

Kendalls face is how I feel right now! #frustrated

At this point, there’s not much more I can do but take this as a lesson learned and start recollecting addresses. If you’d like to be put on our mailing list for both email and snail mail…please complete the form below!

Thanks so much!



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