Hey there..I’m so glad you stopped by! Here’s a little a bit about me…I’m the mom who a lot of people might think I have it all together!  Newsflash…I don’t!

Although I’ve been able to create a successful home business helping others, I struggle with stuff just like you…things like keeping a tidy house, those darn sugar cravings & taking on too much!! As a mom of two teenage daughters and former “mom taxi”, I’m now navigating a new phase of life!  I’m a creative type who likes to be busy, sometimes to a fault! My most recent obsession…creating on Canva! I just opened a new Etsy shop creating habit tracking coloring pages! Check it out below!

Everyday I’m working to become a better version of me than I was the day before by creating healthy habits!  And I’d love for you to join me! Learn more about how I can help and what all I offer in the links below!