Double Time

Creating Healthy Families with Double Time!

I’m super Excited to share information about my first ever Family Based Wellness Group!

Not only is the program with my first favorite trainer (Tony Horton, the P90X guy) but the workouts are designed to bring families closer together! Here’s a sneak peek of the program! 

A lot of times I hear moms say that they feel guilty about spending time or money on themselves because..well, we as moms tend toalways put others needs before our own.  But with this…its putting families first!  My family has ALWAYS been my #1 priority and why I do what I do!

This group will be for parents and also for kiddos. We will be focused on creating healthy habits & routines (which can really help a child with school and down the road in life), practicing gratitude, speaking positive about ourselves and others, feeding our minds with positive things, and taking care of our bodies in a kid friendly, FUN way


We will start November 24th and commit to 30 days! But we won’t stop there because healthy habits are created over time so at the end of the 4 weeks we’ll evaluate where you’re at as a family and go from there!

I’m big on improving our mind as well, so I’m recommending a book called The Energy Bus (for the parents/teens) and The Energy Bus for Kids (for the little kids 4-8 yrs). If anyone doesn’t want to purchase this book I will have a list of FREE podcasts in the group for parents and also a list for the kids 🙂

For Food…that is always the struggle for most people!  My kids included!  They eat ok (one better than the other)…but I know there always room for improvement!  Research shows that FOOD really effects our kids behaviors, their focus, and their moods. So we’ll be using the nutrition guide that comes with the program and I’ll also share more information and tips in the group!

As I said we will be doing a kid friendly workout that was designed so families can unplug and do something together (its a program that you need a partner for so like Mom and kiddo or Dad and kiddo or even sibling and sibling). 

There’s is even a way kiddos can earn a free tshirt by completing the Kids Calendar and sending it in to Beachbody!!

If you’re ready, I recommend getting the Double Time Annual All Access Challenge pack with either Shakeology OR the kid version of Shakeology called Daily Sunshine. Daily Sunshine is a GREAT afternoon snack for kids!!  Here’s a snippet of what Daily Sunshine is:

Why the pack….you will get access to $8,000 worth of workouts (every workout Beachbody has every created plus any new releases) for an entire year plus you will get a month Shakeology/Daily Sunshine for just $160.  And…$20 of that investment will be going to the PTO/PTA of your choice in YOUR name!  Additionally, I will throw in either The Energy Bus OR The Energy Bus for Kids because I feel that making an investment in your families health deserves to be rewarded!!


There will also be a challenge app for you and your kids to track everything. The kids will be so excited to use this 🙂

Ready to get started:

Grab your Double Time and Daily Sunshine HERE

Grab your Double Time and Shakeology HERE

Find out more about Shakeology and why its not like other “protein shakes” ====>>>> Whats so special about Shakeology?

Questions…message me on Facebook or email me at [email protected]